This is a follow-up post to ABC: Always Be Coding. How to Land an Engineering Job from 2013.

I read quite a bit during the unusual summer of 2020. Over half of these were consumed as audio books, generally while jogging in Central Park. outdoors. Below are the majority of them, with minor commentary.


The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim

The Making of Prince of Persia: Journals 1985–1993 by Jordan Mechner

  • I found this through Stripe Publishing…

To get stuff done

Parkinson’s Law is the old adage that work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

While “no code” seems to be rising in popularity, I’d argue that it’s far from a new or original concept — and I certainly wouldn’t call it a “movement.”

And it was met with a fairly terse rebuttal from the Webflow CEO.

I can understand why he might take issue with my tweet, but I think assumptions were made. And to be fair, I should have been more specific and said “not a new thing,” rather than “not a thing,” alas Twitter is firmly a “no edit” platform.

Over the past week, I dabbled in something that I should have started years ago – video production. More specifically, amateur video editing. I bought an entry-level camera, a microphone, and a couple mic stands and started recording myself. I picked one of my more popular Medium posts to base it on (

Over the past week, I went from Camtasia to Premiere Pro and recorded the post 4 different times, all with different lighting and camera settings and without publishing a single video. The more I learned, the more I thought my work was sh*t and feared releasing it…

Last year I joined Postmates company to lead product and engineering for the Buyer team. Ben Lee, a talented designer and my previous cofounder, also joined to lead design. Buyer is the team responsible for all customer-facing apps and the infrastructure powering them, probably what you’re most familiar with as a Postmates customer.

Building a team of leads

Two weeks ago, I left San Francisco and moved to Manhattan. The move was for personal reasons as I’ve spent my entire adult life on the west coast and the gravitational pull toward NYC has only grown stronger in recent years.

Today is the day I hoped would never come, but I knew would have to. We have to say goodbye, for the last time.


Published on YT by Noah Bradley (

I’m an engineer, not an artist. But recently I jumped head first into the world of pixel art specifically for creating assets from scratch for small game projects. And trust me, if I can do it, then you can too, which is why I decided to write this.

David Byttow

Engineer by trade, artist at heart

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