Hot on the heels of last week’s launch of IO (, today, we launched Bold (, a writing platform for your company.

  1. Bold is author-centric. Unlike other services, documents are not the most important element of this platform. Instead, the focus is on individual authors and their words. This is an important aspect of Bold. When you write about something in your company, you are part of the company’s history forever.
  2. Bold is conversational. While you can certainly write historical (e.g., meeting notes) or canonical (e.g., onboarding) documentation, Bold’s strong suit lies in medium to long-form conversational posts meant to elicit conversations and dialogue. It’s the place to share your opinions and ideas.
  3. Bold is your company’s history of progress. Everything you publish is captured and made part of your team’s ongoing history. All employees can easily go back and find posts from individual contributors on the team, whether it’s a new hire or the CEO. Think of it as long-term memory for your organization.
  4. Bold is asynchronous. Our product does not demand your attention, yet gently reminds you when there is content that you may have missed. You do not need to be online 24/7 to stay in the conversation.
  5. Bold has a powerful editor. Our writing editor gets better every single day. We share technology between IO and Bold and work hard to constantly improve it and develop new tools.
  6. Bold is beautiful. We make your words and ideas look great. Think Instagram for writing. :-) We plan to continue to build tools to help make your words stand out.
  7. Bold ❤️ Slack. We integrate deeply with Slack for publishing content into your public channels and keeping conversations synchronized. It’s super easy to sign up!

Please feel free to send feedback, we’re listening and want to build the best tool for your company’s long-form communication.


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